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SEDD reopens wedding, event halls with preventive coronavirus measures

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SHARJAH, 15th November, 2020 (WAM) — The Sharjah Economic Development Department, SEDD, announced the reopening of wedding and event halls, as part of the gradual plan for the return of economic and social activities in the emirate, in line with preventive requirements and measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.
It also approved a circular explaining related articles and conditions.
This move aims to preserve the health and safety of the community, while ensuring the continuity of the business sector and achieving sustainable development.
Salim Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Deputy Director of Commercial Control and Protection Department at the SEDD, said the reopening of these sectors is in line with the measures and standards specified in the circular, and the commercial officers of the SEDD, in cooperation with local authorities, will ensure compliance, adding that the measures include wearing face masks and gloves, adhering to a two-metre social distancing policy, and ensuring that attendance levels do not exceed 50 percent of a venue’s capacity.
Employees should follow guidelines approved by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, such as washing hands, obtaining negative COVID-19 test results from accredited authorities, and notifying health authorities about suspected cases, he added.
Al Suwaidi stated that first aid services and personal protective equipment must be provided, as well as a dedicated space for isolating suspected cases and arrangements for transportation to a healthcare facility, if required, affirming that those with coronavirus symptoms, such as a fever exceeding 37.5 degrees, a cough, or shortness of breath and fatigue, should be prevented from entering an establishment.
The SEDD highlighted the need for additional precautionary and preventive measures, including disinfecting venues before and after weddings or events, as well as the frequent sterilisation of tables, chairs, equipment, appliances, remote controls, electrical and electronic switches and door handles.
The SEDD’s requirements include the distribution of instructions and precautionary measures through posters or electrical boards around venues, sanitising and cleaning toilets after each use, and the installation of hand sanitiser dispensers or dispensers filled with soap.
Offices, workplaces and equipment should be disinfected and cleaned, and surfaces subject to frequent contact should be regularly sanitised and cleaned. Event personnel should also be equipped with personal protective equipment, such as gloves, when performing their duties, while staff uniforms must be sterilised. In addition, food and beverage employees and service personnel must wear appropriate uniforms and single-use masks and gloves, as well as cover their hair at all times.