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Exclusive: Kerala’s Covìd-19 model in trouble as India cases fall

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The peak, the flat-line and the downward curve have been used as standard indicators in reports that detail the spreading of Covid-19 across the world. For the Indian state of Kerala, they could also describe the progressive levels of enthusiasm seen in discussions around its healthcare models and intent shown by its administrators in tackling the pandemic.

Two weeks into October, as India sees a drop in active cases, Kerala is fighting a surge in the numbers. Experts, however, argue that the alarm over daily numbers should not distract the state from the key goal of maintaining its low case fatality rate.

The initial elation over controlling the outbreak has passed; a sense of guarded optimism has followed. Now, as the state reports over 11 per cent of India’s daily cases, it’s entering what Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan called an “extremely critical” phase in its battle against the virus.

R.Krishnakumar is a senior journalist based in Thiruvananthapuram.