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Exclusive: Congress is a party of hypocrites, says Kushboo

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Indian actor-politician Kushboo Sundar, who recently joined the BJP, launched a blistering attack on the Congress party, and questioned its commitment to secularism. She said that her former party was playing communal politics with majority voters while appeasing the minority communities in the country.

“When the opposition parties say that the BJP is only about Hindutva, my question to all the them, including the Congress is, are you courageous enough to admit that you are a party only for the minorities and you do not want the Hindu votes?” Kushboo asked.

Speaking exclusively to Khaleej Times three days after joining the BJP, Kushboo, the former national spokesperson of the Congress, accused the party and its leader, Rahul Gandhi of being hypocritical and two-faced when it comes to politics.

“Why did you go to great lengths to bring out the details of Rahul Gandhi being a Hindu?  You do want Hindu votes right? Why play a double-game and have the face of a hypocrite?  If you (Congress party) are going to play the game that the BJP is only about Hindus, then accept that you are only about minorities…and you don’t care for Hindus or Hindu votes. Do they have the guts to do it?” Kushboo wondered.

Born into a Muslim family in Mumbai and after making her mark in Kollywood (Tamil film industry) before joining the DMK in 2010 and later the Congress in 2014, Kushboo, until recently, had been a vociferous critic of the BJP.

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