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Local Press: UAE hosting vaccine trial for Sputnik V is good news

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ABU DHABI, 15th October, 2020 (WAM) — A UAE newspaper said that researchers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide are racing against time to develop an effective and affordable vaccine against coronavirus pandemic, a disease which has killed and crippled millions.
"A vaccine is likely to be ready for mass production and distribution anytime between end of 2020 to middle of 2021, according to the timelines committed by vaccine candidates which are in advanced stages of trials," noted Gulf News in an editorial on Thursday.
The paper added, "So far, only one vaccine has been approved. Sputnik V, developed by Gamaleya Research Institute in Moscow was approved by Russia’s health regulators on August 11th. The vaccine is named after Sputnik 1, the first artificial Earth satellite launched in 1957. Sputnik V uses adenoviral vectors – human adenoviruses that have had their genetic material removed – that trick the recipient’s body into producing immune response. The UAE this week announced it would host phase III trials for this vaccine, the second trial after the emirates conducted trials for a Chinese vaccine.
"These collaborative trials will benefit the UAE in many ways when vaccines are approved and are ready for distribution. Countries hosting trials will have a clear advantage in getting early access to the vaccine. By hosting two vaccine trials, the country has joined the global quest for an effective treatment. The trials, involving thousands of residents and citizens, will be conducted under the of UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention."
The Dubai-based daily concluded by saying that "The UAE has been chosen for Russian and Chinese vaccine trials as the country has world-class, health care infrastructure, excellent research eco system and a pool of volunteers. Another big advantage is diverse demography of the UAE, home to people from every part of the globe. The two trials demonstrate global health experts’ faith in the UAE institutions’ ability to maintain integrity of collecting and processing scientific data."