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Woman gets expensive watch back after losing it 8 months back in UAE

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An Emirati woman got her invaluable watch back eight months after she lost it while departing the country through the Sharjah Airport, thanks to the sustained effort of the Sharjah Police.

The police were able to restore the prized possession to its owner after tracking the man who stole it and arresting him as soon as he landed in the country.

Lt Col Mattar Sultan Al Ketbi, director of Airport Police Station, said the police received a report from a man in February this year, stating that his wife had lost a precious watch at the security point of the airport while flying out of the country.

The police carried out all procedures which they follow in such cases. Due to the huge number of travellers passing through these points, it was a tough job at hand for the officers. They zeroed in their search efforts on airport operation rooms, and concentrated on forensic investigation to track the movement of passengers pinpointing at the exact time the watch was lost.

The efforts paid off as while checking the monitoring cameras, an Asian person, who was boarding the same flight which the woman took, was found stealthily taking away the watch from the checkpoint, and hiding it among his belongings.

The man’s identity was ascertained and he was arrested eight months after the theft incident upon his landing at one of the airports in the country. After questioning, he admitted to stealing the watch and was referred to the public prosecution for legal action.

During public prosecution interrogation, he told the police that he had stolen the watch and said he was staying at his residence in another Gulf country for the last few months. An official at the Airport Police Station allowed him to communicate with his family members and ask them to send across the watch to him immediately.

When the watch was delivered, the police informed its owner, who came to the police station, and was happy to collect it.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, the woman owner of the watch thanked the Sharjah Police and praised it for its sustained effort. “I am from Sharjah and I trust the Sharjah Police because I know they are always on their toes. While I was travelling to an Asian country, I removed and kept my watch in a tray at the security point. I was very busy with passing through the security to catch my flight. After I reached the departure gate, I realised that my precious watch was not with me. I went back to search for it, but in vain.”

“I called my husband and told him about the incident. He lodged a complaint at the Sharjah Airport Police Station. I thought they did their best but couldn’t find it. I was thrilled when we received a call form the police requesting us to come and collect the watch.”

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