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Dubai plastic surgeon accused of sexual harassment of patient cleared by court

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A plastic surgeon, accused of sexually harassing a female patient during a Botox injection, has been cleared by the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Dubai public prosecution records show that the 42-year-old surgeon, an Indian, hugged the woman, pressed his body against hers and tried to kiss her against her will.

The reason behind the acquittal verdict has not been immediately known.  

A complaint was filed on August 17 at Bur Dubai police station.

The complainant, a 31-year-old American manager, said the incident happened around 7.30pm while she was at a clinic. “After injecting my face with Botox, I got inside the consultation room. We were to talk about a plastic surgery he would conduct on me later. I was very exhausted then because of my fear of the Botox session and as I had just broken up with my boyfriend.”

She recounted how she was caught off guard by the defendant who suddenly grabbed her face with his hands and kissed her on her cheeks. “He got close to me, trying to kiss me but I stepped back. I tried to leave the room but he told me to calm down and to rest because of my condition.”

In her deposition during the investigation, she said that the surgeon then pressed his body against hers and tried to kiss her again after kissing her cheeks and while hugging her. 

She left the clinic in a huff and lodged a complaint against him.
The ruling may be appealed by the public prosecution.  

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