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Bank employee to get Dh153K payout for unfair dismissal

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A woman bank employee, who was unfairly sacked from her job, will receive Dh153,000 in unpaid wages, end-of-service benefits and compensation.

Official court documents stated that the woman had filed a lawsuit against her employer – the bank – for firing her without giving her a genuine reason in writing which was against the law. The Arab woman also said her bosses didn’t give her a chance to defend herself if they found that she had done something wrong.

She said she had worked with the bank for eight years and was drawing a monthly salary of Dh34,000 at the time when she was sacked from the job.

The woman had requested the court to oblige the bank to pay her labour dues, which included a three-month unpaid salary, end of service benefits and compensation for unfair dismissal, a certificate of experience, and to pay the legal charges.

The bank had argued that the woman was fired due to inefficiency and poor performance at work and asked the court to dismiss her case.

In their defence, the bank said the woman had flouted the company rules and regulations, always delayed work schedules, and been absent from work without a legitimate reason. The lawyer also claimed that the bank issued a warning to her prior to terminating her services with a month’s notice.

The employer’s claims were, however, rejected by the labour court of first instance, which ordered the bank to pay the woman Dh159,000 in unpaid wages, end-of-service benefits and compensation.

The bank challenged the verdict at the appellate court which upheld the earlier ruling but reduced the payout to Dh153,000.

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