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Dubai fines 4 businesses, warns 2 for breaking Covid-19 rules

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Field inspectors from the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) Sector of Dubai Economy continued their visits to a number of open markets and shopping centres across the emirate yesterday to make sure that commercial establishments commit to the precautionary measures against Covid-19.

As part of educating establishments on the importance of the precautionary guidelines, and their role in ensuring business continuity as well as in protecting their employees and customers alike, the field inspection teams also warned two other businesses for not placing the physical distancing stickers as required. Overall, inspections yesterday found that 733 shops and commercial establishments fully complied with the precautionary measures.

Stressing that public health is a top priority, Dubai Economy reminded that stern action will be taken against any non-compliance with the precautionary measures found during its inspections or that may be reported by consumers and the public.