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WAM Report: Historic peace accord in Sudan a turning point ending years of war

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ABU DHABI, 4th October, 2020 (WAM) — The peace accord between the government of Sudan and armed groups in the country is a turning point that ended years of war and began a new era of peace, stability and development.
Over the previous months, the UAE’s related efforts have contributed to converging the views of all negotiating sides and provided guarantees that led to the accord.
Mohammed Amin Abdulla Al-Kareb, Ambassador of Sudan to the UAE, described the accord as "the future accord," noting that it is a turning point in the process of development in Sudan, as it will enable resources and energies to be allocated, to strengthen the process of development and establish a better future for Sudan and its people.
In his exclusive statement to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, Al Kareb lauded the UAE’s comprehensive assistance to Sudan, noting that its support for the peace accord has contributed to converging the views of all sides and gained the agreement of all parties.
This support is only a part of the unlimited support provided by the UAE to Sudan throughout history, and will strengthen the capacities of the transitional government to face the emergencies and challenges witnessed by Sudan, including the coronavirus pandemic and the floods that hit the country, he added.
At the end of his statement, Al Kareb thanked the UAE’s leadership for its significant efforts to help realise the historical peace accord.
The UAE participated in the signing of the peace accord between the Sudanese government and armed groups that was held yesterday in Juba, represented by an official delegation led by Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, who highlighted, in his speech during the event, the UAE’s support for the accord, which will help maintain security and stability and end local conflicts.
The UAE has been working for over a year to realise the accord, as part of its keenness to reinforce Sudan’s security and stability and consolidate peace.
The relations between the two countries have always been characterised by cooperation, solidarity and close communication, in light of the keenness of the UAE’s leadership to strengthen their bilateral ties.
Since the era of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE has launched many initiatives to launch various development projects in Sudan and has played a major role in Sudan’s overall development process, through major investments and projects.
The UAE is keen to increase its trade with Sudan, by reinforcing their commercial and economic relations and boosting the cooperation between business leaders and companies from both countries.
During the transitional period in Sudan, the UAE provided further assistance to achieve security and stability and drive the process of development.
The UAE has always provided humanitarian support to Sudan, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, most notably medical aid to help the Sudanese people counter the spread of the virus. The UAE was among the first countries to assist Sudan following the floods that hit the country, through dispatching humanitarian and relief aid convoys that eased the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Sudanese affected by the floods.