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4 expats try to dupe Dubai cops of Dh800,000 by selling fake dollars

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Four expats have stood trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after they tried to dupe police officers of Dh800,000.

Dubai public prosecution records show that the case dates back to July 8 and it was registered at Bur Dubai police station. The four men, including three Cameroonians and a Pakistani, aged between 24 and 44, claimed to the police officers that they possessed a large amount of dollars which they wanted to sell for a rate lower than the market one in exchange for Dh800,000. 

They have been charged with possession of fake currency for circulation and attempted fraud.
All of them are in detention.

A police corporal said that about two weeks before the incident was reported, one of the defendants met with an (undercover) police informant in Dubai and asked him to look for someone to buy a large amount of fake dollars without telling the latter (the buyer) that the bank notes are counterfeit. 

“After being shown some fake bills, the informant agreed and then alerted us to their plan. To catch the suspects red-handed, a lieutenant went with the informant to meet them and buy the bank notes in the local currency.”

The defendants, who arrived in one car, were apprehended by the police outside a hotel in the Business Bay area when they tried to exchange the counterfeit money for Dh800,000. A briefcase containing the fake money was seized from them.

“When I asked one of the accused what he was doing there, he said he was trying to swindle a police officer by selling him fake dollars,” the corporal said during the public prosecution investigation.

According to a forensics report, the bills seized from the defendants are fake. 

The court will hear the case again on October 15.

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