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High Covid recovery rate reflects UAE’s robust healthcare

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Medics urge residents to get themselves inoculated.

Doctors in the UAE have affirmed that residents should not be overly worried about Covid-19 or the new strain of the virus as the overall recovery rate in the country is more than 90 per cent as compared to the overall death rate, which stands at 0.3 per cent.

The high recovery rate suggests that the healthcare system in the country is robust, they pointed out.

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Medics urged residents to get themselves inoculated, as a vaccine makes a “critical addition to our defenses against Covid-19”.

However, they reminded everyone that this does not mean that people should stop practicing and promoting the standard safety guidelines needed to ward off the disease.

While the vaccine and the recovery rate gives people a peace of mind and infuses a sense of confidence, it also indicates the disease is gradually being controlled by the country’s efficient healthcare sector, the medics added.

Dr Shyam Rajamohan, Specialist Internal Medicine, Prime Hospital, said: “It’s a very good sign that the recovery numbers are more than the number of infected cases. It shows that the treatment provided is excellent and that the spread of the virus is coming under control. Vaccines are currently available and it is important to get the jab as it helps in reducing the disease burden, prevents complications and decreases the spread of the virus.”

Throwing light on improving the recovery rate further and reducing the death rate, healthcare professionals pointed out that Covid-19 vaccines are safe and well-tested.

They explained that the vaccines had undergone supervised clinical trials and possessed nearly 95 per cent efficacy against the virus, including the new strain.

Dr Rajesh Kumar Gupta, Specialist, Internal Medicine Burjeel Speciality Hospital, Sharjah, underlined: “Recovery cases are more than the newly diagnosed cases in the UAE as the overall recovery rate is more than 90 per cent and the overall death rate is only 0.3 per cent. Many of the viruses tend to change their strain over a period of time and the Covid-19 strain is changing as well. New Covid-19 strain is more infectious but not more virulent; it may increase the infections but the recovery is faster as well.”

Doctors reiterated that even though the new mutant is not worrisome, people should remain vigilant with the right measures in place.

Dr Mustafa Saif, Internal Medicine Specialist & Head – Emergency Services, Aster Hospital – Mankhool, opined: “The recovery numbers are higher and it’s a good sign. But for the new strain, as infectivity is high, clinical symptoms may not be as severe as the earlier strain. Nevertheless, social distancing, facial masks and hand hygiene is the key to preventing the spread.”

Dr Reuel George Thomas, General Practitioner at Aster Clinic, Al Butina, said: “The Covid-19 vaccine drive is a wonderful campaign started by the government and I would advise all who fit the criteria to take the vaccine. The idea behind taking the jab, whichever type it may be, is to reduce the severity of the Covid-19 infection apart from preventing it. If the severity is reduced, then even the deaths related to the virus go down.”

Dr Wasim Kadri, Specialist Internal Medicine, Prime Medical Centre King Faisal Road branch Sharjah, said: “High recovery rate is a very good sign and indicates the excellent level of healthcare in the country. Vaccination drives have already started across the country. Therefore, all of us should follow the advisory issued by the authorities related to vaccination and other safety protocols like wearing masks and maintaining social distance. This will definitely help us emerge victorious in the fight against Covid-19.”