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Abu Dhabi’s 35-min fireworks show smashes 2 world records

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The event lived up to its billing and exceeded expectations with a heavy-duty dose of entertainment.

“This is like a dream come true,” said six-year-old Maheen after the Sheikh Zayed Festival’s record-breaking fireworks show in Abu Dhabi’s Al Wathba. Touted as the biggest-ever New Year party in the country, the event lived up to its billing and exceeded expectations with a heavy-duty dose of entertainment.

The world’s first-ever Girandola fireworks show and the largest straight-line display, filled citizens and residents with fresh hope and optimism. All that packed in a 35-minute long spectacle.

Six-year-old Maheen and her three siblings were thrilled after being able to run around freely, enjoy the Ferris wheel and entertainment shows – their first such experience since the pandemic had hit. The fireworks display was the perfect icing on their cake.

Arshad Munner and Samreen, parents of the four kids, were surprised to find pavilions of various countries and several performances from artists. “All this fun for Dh5, where else in the world could anyone enjoy like this,” Munner said before rushing to a cultural event.

The celebrations drew residents and tourists from different corners of the country, too. Imran Sarwar, a Dubai resident, was amid the crowd. “This was a unique experience,” he said.

The event saw an army of young volunteers patrolling every corner of the festival. Haitham Al Rushadi, a 20-year-old student, has been volunteering for the past four years. “When you help others, you help the country grow,” the Emirati noted.

Sohan Leen joined the party with his friends Aravind Vijayakumar and Abit Thomas Babu from Al Ruwais. The trio hoped they have buried the ghost of the pandemic in what was a mixed year for everyone – one filled with both challenges and opportunities.

“I had planned to open a spare parts shop back in India. It fell apart. I hope 2021 will be different. On the positive side, I launched my own YouTube channel All Framez. I also won a car in a draw,” said Leen.

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