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NYE: 2020 was a good year after all, say UAE Netizens

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On Khaleej Times’ Instagram feed, several Netizens shared what brought happiness to their lives.

The general feeling is that 2020 has been one of the unkindest years ever – but for some people, there are still blessings to count and a silver lining to look back on.

A few small wins here and some little joys there helped a number of residents shake the dust off such an unprecedented year. Their one-liner stories show that 2020 wasn’t really all about masks and social distancing. On Khaleej Times’ Instagram feed, several Netizens spread positivity and shared what brought happiness to their lives in 2020.

“I got a job exactly on the day the lockdown started,” said ash_king2106.

Netizen loveenaarora06 said a ‘sudden arranged marriage’ brought the spark.

Little bundles of joy made a lot of families feel there’s still a lot to be grateful for this year. Nemibeckz said, “I was blessed with a Baby Boy”, while binte_abida posted, “I conceived after nine years of my marriage.”

With property prices falling, some people entered the realty market. “Our one of the biggest joys is we have bought out a two-bedroom apartment in Dubai in 2020.”

Many people set up new businesses. Azkpn said, “2020 helped me to establish my company.” Zoom fatigue may have been rampant but work-from-home also meant spending more time with dear ones. Kabirsarina wrote: “Online experience started a Youtube Channel. Got time with family.”

And for many of us, we quietly persevered for patience. Summing it up, a social media user posted, “I mastered the art of forbearance.”

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