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2021 will be about health and family, Dubai residents vow

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Covid pandemic really made them look at the time that they had spent with their loved ones.

The year 2020 really put things into perspective for several residents, who said they will be dedicating more time for their family and health in 2021. Many said the Covid-19 pandemic really made them look at the time that they had spent with their loved ones, and just how fleeting it can be.

“My New Year’s resolution is to spend more quality time with family and visit my parents more frequently back home,” said Dubai resident Farrukh Khan. “Life is very unpredictable and the new normal has made it even more vulnerable. We should learn to make the best of the time we have in hand now. No one knows what the future holds. Let’s live in today rather than worry about tomorrow.”

Others said they would be paying more attention to their health and getting back in shape as soon as possible. “My goals and resolutions revolve around wanting to get into better shape and health for not only myself but for my loved ones; to celebrate life and be grateful for the bounty and blessings bestowed. If anything, 2020 has shown us to take life in stride and not rush things; to laugh more and be gay because it is never as serious. Trust in Allah’s timings, things will always work out for the best,” said Rahema Shaban, a Sharjah resident.

Avid cricketer Sheikh Mohammed Ruman, another resident, said his New Year’s resolution is to experience all that Dubai has to offer. “Besides getting back to my fitness from professional cricketing days pre-2019, I would like to engage in outdoor activities especially since we were cooped up indoors for most of 2020. Also, I am hoping to launch my foodie Instagram page along the way.”

Sanori Nilusha Shivaraj hopes to get back on track with her Muay Thai classes. “I want to focus more on my fitness since I cannot go to the gym nor go for my Muay Thai classes, so I definitely lost focus there. I also started an online business with my best friend during the lockdown, and it took off quite well. We want to focus on growing and expanding it in 2021.”

Another Dubai resident, Zehra Masood, also urged people to focus on their mental health and regularly check on the health of their loved ones. “Year 2020 made me realise how fortunate some of us are to just have health on our side. And by health I don’t mean an ideal figure or the desired waist size, but just good old normal health – something we take for granted.”

She added: “The fact that we still have a roof over our head, family who truly love us for who we are, and a nourishing meal at the end of the day, is reason enough for me to be grateful to the Almighty for 2020. So, my resolution for this year is to be more present mentally in asking about the health of my loved ones; for truly meaning it when I say ‘take care’ when I call them.”

Mousa Nimer shared that 2020 has been a learning curve for him – as it has been for everyone. “My resolution is to turn this learning experience to actionable plans and business goals, launch my own podcast by mid 2021, and spread a positive communication culture to all the lovely people in the UAE.”

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