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Dh70K compensation for delivery boy injured in crash

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Defendant found guilty of overspeeding and flouting traffic rules with impunity.

The Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court has ordered an errant driver and the insurance company of his car to pay Dh70,000 to a delivery boy of Asian descent, who was grievously injured that left him disabled. The driver had rammed into the victim’s motorcycle from behind in a fit of reckless driving.

The court found the defendant guilty of overspeeding and also damaging another car.

The victim sustained severe injuries including a fracture in his left trachea and limbs, court records showed.

The victim filed a lawsuit urging the civil court to ensure that the errant driver and the insurance company pay him the compensation for injuries and the subsequent loss of his livelihood.

The victim’s sponsor told the court authorities that the delivery boy did not receive his monthly salary of Dh2,500 for the past couple of months, as he had gone back to his home country for treatment.

The victim also had to cough up Dh 250 for an X-ray, Dh150 for translation into Arabic for legal documents and Dh611 for his airfare back home.

He was denied the two-month salary of Dh5,000 since the injuries had left him unfit for work.