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11,000 fined for driving modified cars last year in UAE

Offenders face a Dh2,000 fine and 12 black traffic points.

More than 11,000 motorists were fined on UAE roads during the last year for driving modified cars that cause noise and nuisance.

The drivers, especially youngsters, were caught on main roads and in residential areas while creating clamour with modified cars and causing disturbance to residents, the Ministry of Interior pointed out.

Article 20 of the Federal Traffic Law slaps a fine Dh2,000 and 12 black traffic points on those found driving modified and noisy vehicles. The penalty of loud car music is Dh400 and four black points.

Traffic authorities said the practice of making noise with modified cars is annoying to other drivers and scary for road users and nearby residents. They said road racing with these vehicles intimidates passers-by and threatens their safety.

The authorities warned that drivers racing on the streets and those with modified cars will be stopped, legal action taken against them and their vehicles seized.
Police have warned that amplifying the horn to create noise is banned in UAE.

Youngsters have also been cautioned against racing on public roads and in residential areas because it poses a grave risk to the lives of road users.

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