World Security launches first fully autonomous security surveillance boat in Middle East

DUBAI, 22nd June, 2020 (WAM) — World Security, the next-generation security solutions unit of DP World, UAE Region, has launched the first autonomous security surveillance boat in the Middle East to upgrade security and surveillance at Jebel Ali Port, Mina Rashid, Mina Al Hamriya and other facilities in the UAE.
The state-of-the-art boat introduces an extra dimension to World Security’s portfolio of solutions, demanded by the uncertainty of the current changing environment caused by current pandemic.
“It also marks a new stage in World Security’ rising profile as Dubai’s industry leader for Marine security services and the increasing adoption of innovations to enable a more seamless, safe and efficient experience for all its stakeholders,” the company said. The fully autonomous surveillance boat, which can be remotely controlled, is capable of day and night operations with ‘Way-Point Tracking’ capabilities and programmable, fail-safe protocols for security and interception purposes.
Other key features include advanced robotics and surveillance equipment including gimbal stabilised camera with an uninterrupted 360-degree view, and Long Range Acoustic De-vice that communicate with the command and control station in real-time.
Mohammed Al Muallem, CEO and Managing Director of DP World, UAE Region, said, “Purpose-built security systems are integral to safeguard our marine assets as well as those of World Security’s customers. It’s imperative that we develop the next generation of innovative technology at this time of increased need to safeguard national industrial and infrastructure assets in response to the crisis set off by the pandemic.”
He added that deploying the fully autonomous surveillance boat adds another layer of safety and protection for the country’s ports and terminals, which play an important role in the global supply chain.
“We see World Security growing with Dubai’s transformation into a Smart City and implementing smart security solutions is integral to our security operations as we go for-ward. Optimised for efficiency and saving operational costs, in the long run, we are commit-ted to create and deliver the smartest business experience possible for our clients by giving them more control over their operations,” Al Muallem stated.
World Security operates a large fleet of boats to deliver security at waterfront assets that include seaports, marinas and other maritime facilities. Its portfolio of customers includes critical utility infrastructure facilities, office buildings and iconic real estate landmarks.