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Man hurls racist slur at Dubai cop during warehouse inspection

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A 31-year-old Asian expat has been charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance after he threatened on-duty police officers and verbally abused one of them.

According to Dubai public prosecution records, the incident took place on August 8 when two police officers went to inspect a warehouse in Umm Ramool. A case was registered at Al Rashidiya police station.

A lieutenant from the economic crimes department said that they went on a duty to inspect a warehouse. “We had a public prosecution warrant. We spotted the defendant in his car outside the warehouse. He had another man with him.”

The lieutenant told the accused they were police officers. “The accused claimed he had nothing to do with the store, saying that his friend had. He also said that the warehouse owner was out of the UAE.”

When the defendant could not sort the matter out with the officers, he started yelling and verbally abused one of them. “He hurled a racial slur at me. He then said he had VVIPs connections and acquaintances. He claimed he knew persons with senior posts and high-ranking officers. And that he had contacts at the public prosecution and could turn things around in his favour.”   

Another lieutenant from the economic crimes department said that he was on duty with his colleague when they received the public prosecution warrant to inspect the warehouse.

“The defendant became angry when we told him to accompany us to the department. He started yelling and then threatened us with his connections.”

He corroborated his colleague’s statement during the public prosecution investigation. “He kept repeating that he had strong and influential contacts later at the department, saying that he would harm us.”   

The trial has been postponed to September 29.

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