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UAE-Israel peace deal is win-win for Emiratis

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Emiratis in the UAE have hailed the historic Abraham Accord as a significant step towards creating peace in the region. They said it will boost the economies of both countries.

“The UAE and Israel are powerful nations in the region with the best technologies, healthcare and education systems. The two nations agreeing to normalise relations will create more business opportunities for their citizens and promote trade exchange,” said Federal National Council (FNC) member Dirar Belhoul Al Falasi.

He noted that as part of the agreement, Israel has agreed to suspend plans to annex Palestinian territories.

“The UAE has always been firm on the two-state solution and still advocates for this. The ball is now in the court of the Palestinians. They should come up with their demands and engage in negotiations with Israel to reach a peaceful agreement as fighting will not yield any results,” said Al Falasi.

“The UAE doesn’t have any ambitions to interfere in the affairs of the Palestinians, but our role is to open up the lines for the two parties to meet in conditions that allow positive results through constructive dialogue. In addition, it will pave way for all Muslims, not just Emiratis, to visit the Al Aqsa Mosque,” Al Falasi added.

Breaking the cultural barriers

Eman Al Hashimi, the first Emirati female composer, noted that the peace treaty will lead to new cultural exchanges. “I trust the decision of our leaders because wherever they have led us, they have taken us to a better place. I follow them blindly. I know that whatever they do is genuinely the best for us. I congratulate the signing of the historical accord. I believe this will give a huge benefit to all of us. I am saying this not because of any prior experience but the trust I have in my leadership. We will always be following them in whatever they say,” Eman said.

She said the accord will add “to our culture”. “The more cultures we have, the more experiences we have,” she said.

Boost for scientific research

From a scientific point of view, the accord would help in promoting research and finding solutions to health challenges, said Dr Hamad Al Ghafri, director-general of the National Rehabilitation Centre in Abu Dhabi.

“For instance, the UAE had established the first rehabilitation centre for treating addicts in the region. And having good relations with Israel, we can share knowledge about the treatment of addiction and other illnesses. From this peace agreement, we are looking at exchanging expertise in the field of science and technology in addition to the wider objective of creating peace and stability in the region,” he said.

Bolstering entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur Ramzi Al Mubarak said the Abraham Accord would boost bilateral trade and investments. He noted that technology could be the main driver of the relationship.

“One of the things which will open up on both sides is technology. There are pools of funds to be invested on both sides. As one of the biggest economies in the Middle East, the UAE is a great starting point to tap into the Mena region. When it comes to advanced technologies and artificial intelligence, Israel is ranked among the top in the world. So both the economies will have a significant positive impact.”

Ramzi said the cooperation in other sectors like hospitality, healthcare and education will shape this new relationship.

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